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Up to 3.3 welding spots per second: Welding sequence now up to 65 % faster.

Smoother, more homogeneous weld spots – excellent weld seam even with variable weld spot gaps.

Higher heat input where needed: Perfect welding results even with critical materials.

50 %  smaller welding spots in the lower power range.

Minimal pulse duration now down to 0.1 ms: 67 % shorter welding time in micro mode.


70 % higher screen resolution for improved viewing angle in any operating condition.

Quick operation and material selection through direct menu selection with one central control element.

New standby mode: Continuous availability at 85 % lower energy consumption.


Optimised welding curves for all weldable alloys in jewellery manufacturing.

Higher maximum power and improved welding performance, particularly with highly conductive silver, copper and tin alloys due to new speed function.

New standby mode – quick restart, minimum energy consumption.


20 % faster and, thus, more agile electrode travel.

Maximum electrode thickness now up to 1 mm.

Up to 50% longer electrode life: Average measured life improvement in test setups, actual value depends on individual user profile.